• stephanie sickles

Four Must Have Hair Care Products This Summer

Summertime and the living is easy- well, easier. I do believe it is a time that most of us take to regroup a bit and try to relax and just enjoy life as it is. I do hear that it is the season we live for and I do feel that. This may because I am from the Jersey Shore and it really is the season a lot of us live for.

While living on the shore, majority of my guests spend hours basking in the sun on a daily basis. If we thought the winter months did damage on our hair, think again. Summer is the time where most of the damage is done. We are swimming in chlorine and saltwater (which is extremely drying). We are soaking up the rays in the sun which is stripping and drying out the external layer of the hair and burning our scalps. A lot of us don't realize how harmful the rays are to the integrity of our hair and scalp

This is not just true for those of us who color our hair

We use sunscreen on our skin on a daily basis but a lot of us are allowing our hair to soak in the rays without any protection. Not only is this dangerous because skin cancer of the scalp is very common, but we are harming our hair and not even realizing it!

Beauty brands are taking notice to the fact that we need to protect not only our skin from the sun but our hair as well.

I have worked with many brands throughout my career and in the last few years I have found my favorite to be the Soleil line by Kerastase which is our luxury brand that we carry in our salon.

The Soleil line includes a shampoo, mask, and 2 styling products

Bain Apres Soleil Shampoo is to be used before and after sun exposure as a gentle clarifier to remove chlorine, salt and sand. Camellia oil is infused into the hair to smooth the hair fiber adding incredible shine and protecting the hair from UV rays.

Masque Apres Soliel is a deep conditioning treatment to be left on the hair 5-10 minutes. This mask is one of my favorite masks because it protects your hair and it gives the hair such a radiance boost.

Hello shine!

Not only is it delivering moisture, creating a barrier from external stressors; it is all reconstructing the hair fiber in general.

This is the ultimate summer mask!

Crème UV Sublime Hair Crème is a dual crème which protects hair from the UV rays and gives you all day humidity protection and infuses intense hydration which will help cure frizz problems resulting in a smoother finish and boost radiance.

Huile Sirene Hair Oil Mist is an easy way to protect your hair and add soft texture while you are in the sun. This is the ultimate beach wave product.

Trying to decide whether to purchase the crème or Oil Mist? Decide whether you want a soft and silky finish or if you want a beach tousled finish.

I personally use both because my mane is naturally dry and curly. I like the softness that the crème gives my hair but the control and texture that the spray gives me.

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